Review guidelines

In this page we go through blogs review guidelines that all manufacturers / providers should accept if they wish to provide products for review. Some reviews are from products that has purchased and some are provided by manufacturer / provider.

Short explanation why this page is in Finnish: Tämä sivu on englanniksi koska valmistajat / toimittajat osaavat englantia paremmin, kuin suomea.


Reviews done by does not require payment.

All opinions and results are our own experiences and payment does not affect these. No payment is accepted to influence outcome of a review.

If payment is received and it is sponsored content then there are mention of it in the blog post.

All opinions are truthful and ours.


Manufacturer / provider / sponsor will not see review before publishing.

If there are some talking points that wish to be included they can be given but there are no guarantee that those will be included.


In every review / blog post there will be information if product in question is received and what kind of deal it is. For example: ”This product is provided free by Manufacturer X” or ”This is a paid review by Manufacturer Y” or ”This product is loaned by Manufacturer Z”

Also all questions that come to our articles and to our forums will be answered truthfully and based in our own experiences.


Since we are focused in 3D printing we accept variety of products for review. We accept 3D printers and accessories related to 3D printing and material (filament etc.) related to 3D printing.

Please contact us before sending anything. We will not review products that are sent before contacting us. Contact us by sending us an email to [email protected]

We can reject a product for review at our own discretion.

If there are any difficulties / problems during review we try to solve them and communicate them to manufacturer / provider. However we mention these in our review and will be transparent about those things.

We can accept pre release units to be reviewed but will mention this in our review. Same goes to crowdfunded products, we can accept those but we will mention it.

Loaned procuts

If you wish to get the product back after review please state that before sending a product. Please be specific about the terms.

Customs / importing

Since we are in Finland and if you sent product outside of EU please let us know before sending the product.

Please follow the importing guidelines of Finnish customs. Here is some tips:

  • Do proper declarations
  • State the actual value of the product
  • Make sure product is properly CE marked

We cannot be hold responsible if Finnish customs destroys or returns sent product back.

Review / Blog post / Article

We do reviews and articles and blog posts to our blog at

All content will be in Finnish.

Content usually includes text and images. Sometimes we produce videos to back the text content.

We also sometimes use product images /videos provided by manufacturer. Also we may link to other reviews.

All reviews contains information about how the product is provided to us.

All thoughts and experiences are our own and will be truthful. No money will affect the outcome.

Review process

At this time we do not have standard review process. However we may create some in future.

Our review process contains mainly these things:

  • Unboxing and setup for the first time
  • Using the product
  • Specifications
  • Possible problems
  • Experiences
  • Random thoughts

Accepting these guidelines

In every conversation we will ask manufacturer / provider to agree to these guidelines before sending any products for review.

Contact us

Our emails are all from email addresses. Contact us at [email protected] email!

You can always use the form below to contact us!

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